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 Inner Outer Membrane

"Metaplasia" a series of drawn studies on humans as being malleable concepts. Jellyfish are an analogy for this, due to their superior adaptability. They possess an unparalleled potential for mutation. Some species can change gender while others are even able to reinvent themselves by means of cell differentiation. An adult specimen can rejuvenate itself and by this process, it can return to the state of a polyp.

These studies result in pen drawings and lasercuts which are the basis for emblems and diagrams for a psycho-cosmos, detailed in a fictional manual for metaphysical (r)evolution. This result hovers between a self-helpbook and a neo-grimoire, pseudoscience and satirical alchemy.
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 Inner Outer Membrane  Inner Outer Membrane

 Metaplasia Looking Inwards

 Passers On Lasercut on Wood
 Trif Lasercut on Wood
 Metaplasia Hanging Man Pendrawing  Swollen Pendrawing
 Metaplasia Hanging Man Pendrawing  Metaplasia Hanging Man Pendrawing
 Metaplasia Handfull Pendrawing  Metaplasia Four Arms

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