hide and seek installation
Up is Down Is Up

video installation 2018
single screen / color/ loop / mono sound

Up Is Down Is Up  video installtion by Arjan Vanmeenen on location.

Up Is Down Is Up,is an experiment with text and narrative projection. The voice-overs are performed by children that don't speak the English language. Therefore not only the content mutates, but intonations and emphasis are skewed and displaced. Deliberately making the viewer question what exactly is being said, suggested or imagined.

The installation is embedded in its surrounding space, lodged in the earth in an awkward tilt. Causing the viewers to switch positions in an attempt to view the content. The volume is also quite low, drawing to viewer closer to the object in an attempt do decyper its content.


video installation 2014 (in collaboration with Elke Desutter)
4 screens + projection / color/ loop / surround sound

Hide And Seek Video Installation Part One of Three, by Arjan Vanmeenen

Hide & Seek allows itself to be easily described in cinematographic terms:
where one focuses, the other will zoom out. The triptych installation mutates in correlation to how far or deep the spectator is willing to look.
To hide and to seek, to conceal and reveal are not merely the starting points of the artists , but it is also a mission for the spectator. The teeming and whirling of extreme close-ups only reveals itself when the visitor (re)positions one’s own body. If not, it will only be seen as an abstract spectre of color.

The second part of the installation can be found in a window construction. It gives viewers a choice to either identify anthropomorphic silhouettes in the tableau or regard them as a trick of shadows.
Ambiguity and changing perspectives also hold court when invited to watch or walk through the third arm of the work.

Read full text by Sofie Verdoodt here.

Resonant Remanent

audio installation 2015
9min / stereo/ loop

Resonant Remanent Bridge set-up

Resonant Remanent is a site-specific audio installation for public spaces. The work uses urban architecture as a metaphorical conduit as well as a physical stage.
Declarations of love serve as source material and are carefully displaced and re-arranged in order to set up temporary, (im)possible relations between the speakers.
These vulnerable confessions, which can hardly convey the intensity of inner feelings, are ‘dumped’ into the public sphere, a transit space; where usually no one ever stops. The boundary between the hyper personal and the anonymous blurs when sporadically, these disembodied voices attempt to involve the passersby in their stories.
The work questions the validity and sincerity of these statements and the potential strengthening and devaluating properties of their repetition.
Do these fragile messages lose their value when "dumped" on the street? Do they lose sincerity due to (over)exposure? Do they lure the passersby into a willingness to listen or into eavesdropping?

Cache Caché

audio installation 2013
5 min / stereo/ loop

Cache Cache audio installation by Arjan Vanmeenen in Design Museum Ghent

Cache Caché is a work that deals with paranoid schizophrenia. It harbours the tales of two women. "E" a young Polish girl who believes she has already died and is now a ghost, and the story of " G", who is convinced a double of her is trying to take over her life.

When approached from a distance, the two stories overlap. The listener is forced to choose and kneel on one side of the box in order to isolate one story. However, because the opposing side is never fully muted, a more nuanced straining of the two stories points out often unforeseen similarities and dualities.


video installation 2010 - current)
3 screens / monochrome/ loop / stereo sound

stage3 by Arjan Vanmeenen on display

Stage 3 refers to psychoanalytical concept of four mechanisms of Traum arbeit. The first brings together objects, locations and persons/characters from all regions of our memory and subconsciousness. The second designates or distorts emotional value to these selected elements. The third mechanism combines these elements into an image. Finally the fourth mechanism gives a motive or meaning to these series of images.
In Stage 3 the images work as a disjointed triptych in which characters and locations (dis)appear and often seem similar yet oddly different due to slight variations, combining, splintering, sometimes in sync, sometimes erratic. The footage was re-filmed and literally jumps back and forth between distinct perspectives of the same images. Stage 3 gives the viewer pieces of a puzzle with which a new multitude of images or narratives can be constructed. In short, S3 challenges the viewer to realise the final mechanism.
Click here more info on Stage 3. (for non-mobile only)

dozing/ OFF

audio installation 2010
8 min / loop / stereo

Dozing Off audioinstallation by Arjan Vanmeenen

Dozing off was a site-specific audio installation made in the derelict hospital of Ronse. The work is inspired by anaesthetics, a loss of control and hypnagogic states that accompany operations.
Loudspeakers were embedded in the authentic operation bed. Subwoofers were integrated to work with the existing dilapidated architecture , making the broken windows of the operation room reverberate and pulsate with tin foil membranes. Creating the illusion the room itself comes to life.

Leaping With Pi_romans

audio installation 2010
5 min 8 min 9 min / loop / stereo

leaping with piromans audio installation by Arjan Vanmeenen

Passing Pi_Romans is an audio-triptych centred around the dreams of five dream donors. The work is a study in mutating semantics on a lingual and narrative level. It inhabits a grey area between audio dramatisation and soundscape.
The dream donors come form different walks of life; a German computer scientist (43), a Japanese-Canadian artist (30), an Australian writer (59), a Greek stewardess (40) and a Portuguese Photographer (27). Each donor was asked to recall a dream they had using the dream tags of another donor. After which they have been asked to re-tell the recording of other donors in real time, attempting to mimic each other’s story. This process causes mutation in a variable degree. (ex : "she was shouting" turns in to "she was shooting","there were buildings" turns into "they’re siblings" )
Intimate stories are exposed and injected with alien elements. The role of narrator is continuously questioned as each story ‘infects’ the others. The ambient sounds were found in every day life. Mundane and banal sounds are re-contextualised, warped, cut and stretched to weave a world of their own, giving each piece its very own distinct atmosphere.
Because each box is identical, their listening-order fades as all notion of linear narration is nullified.


audio installation 2010
8 min / loop / stereo

Dozing Off installation by Arjan Vanmeenen

Echonaut was made for the Broelmuseum of Courtrai and was inspired by the auditory and lingual oddities found in the social housing of the city. In one specific apartment complex the prefab architectural structures held peculiar properties that made the sound’s source impossible to determine, creating a sense of disorientation. Combining this with the multitude of foreign languages and dialects spoken by the residents, formed the basic inspiration for Echonaut.

This concentration of dislocated sounds and languages was built into the gossiper’s archetype that is a barber's chair - transforming it into an Echonaut station. When hair salon customers gossip from underneath these hairdryers, they unconsciously set up a barrier of noise. Only being able to express snippets of distorted facts and impressions of words, sets a stage for miscommunication.
Echonaut changes this perspective by mixing field recordings and sonic disorientation into a site-sourced soundtrack.

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