DreamCamEra video

RIF/FIR still

video 2011
single screens / mixed/ 23min / stereo sound

RIF/FIR (Resistance is Futile/ Futility is Resistance) centers around the influence of movies on our collective memory and as an extension the construction of our sense of (sur)reality.

RIF/FIR is a hybrid between mockumentary, vlogging, ballyhoo and appropriation. It is a collection of short videos, voice narrated in the tradition of documentaries, however exclusively relying on public domain and stock footage as its visual counterpart. The content of this mockumentary is stitched together from opening and closing-lines of movies, combined with crackpot paranoid conspiracy theories, gradually subverting both reality and cinema.



single screen / color / 20min /stereo

While questioning "redundant" media, SCANscAPE tries to capture "temporary" moments, patches them together in a grainy digitized mirage and plays with the compulsive narrative reflex of viewers.
Solely composed out of re-filmed footage, broadcasted by video chatters, SCANscAPE knits together fragments of fleeting stories once streamed online for an often unknown audience.

The "stray" footage is accompanied by sporadic text fragments; cam-chatter and poetry are repeatedly retranslated by computers to make up a Dadaist cut-up.
The soundtrack is a collage of mundane sounds, feedback and snippets of live saxophone improvisation (which accompanied a silent premiere) moulded into a unique soundscape that allows the viewer to drift into rumination.


Church  of Chica fashion video

single screen / color/ 3min / stereo sound

Video for the Church of Chica (COC) collection of Tom Van Der Borght.

Tea With Georgette

Tea With Georgette Still

single screen / color / 5min 55sec /mute

Tea With Georgette (or why my insomnia invites yellow rabbits to climb up my ceiling) is an absurd ritualised homage to the late Georgette Wanyn.

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