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Arjan Vanmeenen


watching you (s)leap




Arjan Vanmeenen media artist

Arjan Vanmeenen (1986°) is a multimedia artist who specializes in video, sound, text, laser cutting, and drawings, often combining them in installations. His work revolves around the interplay of fiction and reality, utilizing technology poetically to blur the lines between the intensely personal and the anonymous. By juxtaposing the ethereal with the mechanical, he invites viewers to contemplate the fluidity of their own perceptions.

Vanmeenen’s creations, collectively known as ‘DreamCamEra,’ span various mediums but share a common thematic thread. Through fragmented structures and dynamic archives, he encourages diverse avenues of exploration and interpretation.


His work has been featured in various Belgian museums and has been selected for several international festivals including: European Media Arts Festival (Osnabrueck), BOZAR (Brussels), S.M.A.K. (Ghent), Happy New Ears festival (Courtrai), Sameheads Gallery (Berlin), Museum Of Fine Arts (Ghent), Kikker Theater (Utrecht), Opera Studio (Ghent), Netwerk (Aalst), Broelmuseum (Courtrai), Red Fish Factory (Antwerp), Actuele Kunst Labo (Ronse), Muziekcentrum De Bijloke (Ghent), Fort Monostor (Komarom),  Fashion Week (Paris) and Pixxelpoint New Media Arts Festival (Nova Gorica).



Master in Fine Arts 

Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Ghent


Bachelor Experimental Studio

LUCA School of Arts, Ghent



Artistic Education

Van Eyck Academy, Bruges




Master in Fine Arts 2008-2010
Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Ghent

Bachelor Experimental Studio
2005-2008 LUCA School of Arts, Ghent

Artistic Education 2001-2005 
Van Eyck Academy, Bruges




Rebel Garden (Triennial Bruges) – Groeninge Museum, Bruges (cyano prints & lasercut)





AiR Biekorf 7.0 – Poortersloge, Bruges (sculpture)
Kunstoevers – CC De Werf, Aalst (video)

Queer Was Here – Salon Arents, Bruges (lasercut, cyanotypes, assemblage)



Week van de Klank//La Semaine du Son – Sint-Gorikshallen, Brussels (audio installation)





Air Biekorf 6. Misfigure – Poortersloge,  Bruges (lasercut)

Expanded Video – Sphinx Cinema, Ghent (video)




Tekenen in Lockdown – S.M.A.K. Ghent (drawing)



BRU(I)T– Bogardenkapel / Academy Van Eyck, Bruges (guest lecture and sound installations)



AiR Biekorf 4. Comedie Van Het Menselijk Tekort – Biekorf, Bruges (cyanotype)



FRAGMENTS Artist Exchange Program Romania-Belgium – Brussels/ Bucharest/ Cluj-Napoca, Bozar, Brussels (installation)


Carbon Copy – Tique Art Space, Antwerp (text)


Kunstoevers – Huis Debolle, Aalst (lasercuts)





Expo Prijs Van Buggehout Kunstprijs Tekenkunst – ACC, Buggenhout (lasercuts)


JackyX+I – Shipperskapel, Bruges (video installation)


JackyX+I – Bogardenkapel, Bruges (lasercuts)


ID3 – De Oude Pastorie, Ressegem (lasercuts)




Input/Output – De Bond, Bruges (lasercuts)


Drawing Days – Window Walk, Ghent (drawing)


Moving Word at Campo – Campo, Ghent (video)


Expanded Video – Sphinx Cinema, Ghent (video)


Moving Word III – Art Cinema OFFoff, Ghent (video)


TIG#5 (Tumult In Gent) – Design Museum, Ghent (audio installation)


Passage – Kunstenlab Bogardenkapel, Bruges (lasercuts)




Spectrum – Minus One, Ghent (audio installation & drawings)




TIG#3 (Tumult In Ghent III) – Gouvernement, Ghent (video installations)


OFFLINE parcours – Kunstroute, Waregem (audio installations)




Hide & Seek – Bogardenkapel, Bruges (videos & audio installations)


Liberty Inviting Artists – Art Network, Alost (audio installation)


TANK – Entrepot, Bruges (videos & audio installations)




Ik Ben Niet Gek – ICC, Ghent (audio installation)


Media Wave Film Festival – Fort Monostor, Komarom, Hungary (video)


Soundset II – MSK, Ghent (audio installation)


DreamCamEra – NVT Gallery, Ghent (videos & audio installation)




Lection In Kultur – Department of Volxvergnuegen, München (videos & lecture)


Jonge Zwervers V – Art Cinema OFFoff, Ghent (video)


C.O.C MASS – SASK, Sint-Niklaas (video & audio)


NU_Fashion – Redfish Factory, Antwerp (video)


Electrefied – Timelab, Ghent (video)


Berlin Fashion Week, Berlin (video)


Windowlicker – Sameheads Gallery, Berlin (video)


Norda Xposed – Norda, De Haan (audio installation & video)


Paris Fashion Week – Paris (video)




Grote Ongeduld XTRA – Special Feature – Art Cinema OFFoff, Ghent (video)


Get Carter Celebration – Tyneside Cinema, Newcastle (audio)


Stage 3.2 – Wintercircus, Ghent (video installations)


SluimerS (with Joke Raes) – Kunstenhuis Buda, Courtrai (performance)


Edged Show 07711- Glashaus, Berlin (video)


Fashion Expo – SASK, Sint–Niklaas (video & audio)


Pixxelpoint Media Arts Festival – Nova Gorica, Gorizia (audio installation )


Volle Maan Maakt Gek! 2 – DOK, Ghent (video)




It’s A Strange, Strange World, Sally – Gallery St.Hubert, Brussels (video)


Jazz & Sound festival – Vooruit, Ghent (video)


Grote Ongeduld XTRA – Kultuur Kafée, Brussels (audio installation)




Crossover – OFFoff artcinema, Ghent (video)


Kortrijk Ingeblikt – Broelmuseum, Courtrai (audio installation)


Soiréé ma Belle – MSK, Ghent (audio installation)


Actuele Kunst Labo – Delghust hospital, Ronse (video installations)


Poetry Hacking 09 – Arenbergshouwburg, Antwerp (video)




Soirée Amusee Vous – 1302 Museum, Kotrijk (audio installation)


FRONT – Netwerk, Aalst (audio installation & video)


Dream & Ritual – OFFoff artcinema, Ghent (video)


LAB – Multimedia Festival – recyclART, Brussels (audio installation)


European Media Art Festival – Osnabrueck Gallery, Osnabrueck (audio installation)


Testlab 52 – Kikker Theater, Utrecht (audio installation)




LAB – Recyclart, Brussels (audio installation)


Crapules de Flux – Zebrastraat, Ghent (video)


skINFANTS & MEDICi – Huis Van De Mens, Roeselare (photos)


Mr.K – MSK, Ghent (audio installation)


Happy New Ears – Artcenter Buda, Courtrai (audio & media installation)


Testlab 45 – Kikker Theater, Utrecht (audio performance)




Input/Output – Guido Gezellemusem, Bruges (photo)


3 Penny Opera – Operastudio, Ghent (video)


Mr.K – MSK, Ghent (audio installation)




reFluxus – Operastudio, Ghent (video)