Metaplasia lasercut on wood - displaying the cosmic jellyfish. By Arjan Vanmeenen


A Manual For Metaphysical Hacks

Metaplasia Perish the Thought - cyanoprint by Arjan Vanmeenen
The visual incarnation of Metaplasia is a collection of works that are meant as visual aid to a fictional text on how to jump-start one’s own (hyper)evolution.

metaplasia drawing swollen

Drawing inspiration from biology, pseudo-science, yoga, self-help fads, metaphysics and (other) absurdist alchemy.
This is centered around a jellfish-centric cosmology. Why the jellyfish? – This millennia old Medusa is a transparent, membranous master of youth, adaptability, survivalist minimalist fashion iconography, and the secrets to immortality.

Metaplasia: Hypnagogic Osteoporosis of the Ganglionic Marsupium Cyanotype on paper

Metaplasia is a school of thought. If you know the right people, and are in the right places at the right time – you may find Metaplasia manifestation including but not limited to: text excerpts, auditory manifestation, micro-sculpture, laser cuttings, drawing, cyanotypes, videos and installations.
Mostly see(ded) through…

Metaplasia cyanoprint

Metaplasia lasercut

Metaplasia: Dual Vied Trans-membranous Ontogenesis cyanotype by Arjan Vanmeenen

Metaplasia lasercut by Arjan Vanmeenen

Metaplasia lasercutting by Arjan Vanmeenen

2016- ongoing
mixed media