Echonaut audio installation by Arjan Vanmeenen


Rumored Dislocation.

Echonaut was made for the Broelmuseum of Courtrai  and was inspired by the auditory and linguistic oddities found in a social housingblock of the city. In one specific apartment complex, the prefab architectural structures held peculiar properties that made the sounds source impossible to determine, creating a sense of disorientation. Combining this with the multitude of foreign languages and dialects spoken by the residents, formed the basic inspiration for Echonaut.

This concentration of dislocated sounds and languages was built into the  archetypal throne form which gossip and is distributed: an industrial grade hairdryer. – transformed into an Echonaut station. When hair salon customers gossip from underneath these hairdryers, they unconsciously set up a barrier of noise. Only being able to express snippets of distorted facts and impressions of words, sets a stage for miscommunication. Echonaut changes this perspective by mixing field recordings and sonic disorientation into a site-sourced soundtrack.

audio installation 2010 || stereo || loop