Hide & Seek installation by Arjan Vanmeenen with Elke Desutter

Hide & Seek

Shapes and Shades

To conceal and reveal is not merely the M.O. of both artists, but also a mission for the spectator.
The extent to which this triptych installation mutates is entirely dependent on how far or deep the spectator is willing to look.
The audience is invited, seduced or challenged into to adjusting their vantage point. Even their (im)patience and quite literally the shadows they cast and movements they make will shape the installation.

The teeming and whirling of extreme close-ups only reveals themselves when the visitor (re)positions one’s own body. If not, it will only be seen as an abstract specter of color.
 The second part of the installation can be found behind a windowpane. Giving viewers a choice to either identify anthropomorphic silhouettes in the tableau or regard them as shadow play. Ambiguity and changing perspectives also hold court when the audience is invited to watch or walk through the third arm of the work.

Read full text by Sofie Verdoodt here. (pdf download)


video installation  (in collaboration with Elke Desutter) ||4 screens/ projection || surround sound || color || loop