Passinf Pi-Romas audio installation by Arjan Vanmeenen

Leaping With Pi_Romans

Passing a Living Dream

Passing Pi_Romans is an audio-triptych centered around the dreams of five dream donors. The work is a study in mutating semantics on a linguistic  and narrative level. It inhabits a grey area between audio dramatization and soundscape.

The dream donors come from different walks of life; a German computer scientist (43), a Japanese-Canadian artist (30), an Australian writer (59), a Greek flight attendant (40) and a Portuguese Photographer (27). Each donor was asked to recall a dream they had using the dream tags of another donor. After which they have been asked to retell the recording of other donors in real time, attempting to mimic each other’s story. This process causes mutation in a variable degree (ex : “she was shouting” turns into “she was shooting”,”there were buildings” turns into “they’re siblings” ).

Intimate stories are exposed and injected with alien elements. The role of narrator is continuously questioned as each story ‘infects’ the others. The ambient sounds were found in everyday life. Mundane and banal sounds are re-contextualised, warped, cut and stretched to weave a world of their own, giving each piece its very own distinct atmosphere.

audio installation 2010 || 3 stereo headphones || loop