Resonant Remnant audio installation by Arjan Vanmeenen

Resonant Remnant

 Intimacy is Vented in Public Space

Resonant Remnant is a site-specific audio installation for public spaces. The work uses urban architecture as a metaphorical conduit as well as a physical stage. Declarations of love serve as source material and are carefully displaced and re-arranged in order to set up temporary, (im)possible relations between the speakers.

These confessions, which can hardly convey the intensity of inner feelings, are ‘dumped’ into the public sphere: a transit space where usually no one ever stops. The boundary between the hyper personal and the anonymous blurs when, sporadically, these disembodied voices attempt to involve the passersby in their stories.

The work questions the validity and sincerity of these statements and the potential strengthening and devaluating properties of their repetition. Do these fragile messages lose their value when “dumped” on the street? Do they lose sincerity due to (over)exposure? Do they lure the passersby into a willingness to listen or into eavesdropping?

audio installation 2015 || stereo || loop