stage 3 video installation stil

Stage 3

Digital Day-Residue

stage 3 video installation stills

Stage 3 refers to to the four mechanisms of the psychoanalytic concept Traumarbeit.

The first brings together objects, locations and persons/characters from all regions of our memory and subconsciousness. The second designates or distorts emotional value to these selected elements. The third mechanism combines these elements into an image. Finally, the fourth mechanism gives a motive or meaning to these series of images.

In Stage 3 the images work as a disjointed triptych in which characters and locations (dis)appear and often seem similar, yet oddly different due to slight variations, combining, splintering, sometimes in sync, sometimes erratic. The footage was re-filmed and literally jumps back and forth between distinct perspectives of the same images. Stage 3 gives the viewer pieces of a puzzle with which a new multitude of images or narratives can be constructed. The installation challenges the viewer to realize the final mechanism.

video installation 2010 || 3 screens || monochrome || stereo || loop