Up Down Is Up

up is down is up instalation location expo

A Black box kaleidoscopic (f)acts

Up Is Down Is Up is an experiment with text, video and narrative projection. The voice-overs are performed by children that don’t speak the English language. Therefore not only the content mutates, but intonations and emphasis are skewed and displaced.
Deliberately making the viewer question what exactly is being said, suggested or imagined.

The video is presented in a black box,  surrounded by two circles of soil. The box appears lodged in the floor and provides a skewed angle. Because many of the video sequences are flipped,  it’s impossible to tell which side is up or down. An  a physical analogy cajoling the linguistic chaos that engulfed the oblivious passengers aboard the Germanwings Flight 9525 along with their their suicidal pilot who crashed the craft over the alps in 2015.

video installation 2019 || single screen || 7 minutes || color