Ersatz Ganglion mixed media installation

Ersatz Ganglion

Memories (over)Writing Reality

The installation is a showcase in which contains assorted pieces of foraged wood. Unbeknownst to the viewer, each piece is a keepsake with a personal memory attached to it. These souvenirs are presented like medical curiosities, accompanied by a set of vials that contain Erzats Augmentation. The vials and sticks are interconnected,  creating a network of contrasting elements, old and new, genuine and simulated. Man-made attachments, clinging to these natural relics.

The showcase is accompanied by a soundscape composed of auditory memory triggers. Each branch has a specific auditory memory trigger which is followed by a wave of associations. Retelling the same event from different perspectives. Enhancing, hybridizing and branching out until they make contact with the next trigger.
The installation is a wild growth of stories, repetition and overwriting – confusing and disorienting, while remaining authentic.

2019-2020 || mixed media installations